Triangulation (DEN)

“Without geometry, life is pointless.”

–Famous philosopher or no name math geek (Google doesn’t even know)

Today we proved that anonymous intellectual right. HA, get it? Nothing like a triangle pun to start off your Friday morning, am I right? Did I kill it? But in all seriousness, team Black and Bruised, The White Rangers and Team Colors (creativity is not their strong suit) took on the Burn’s Park Triangle and all the sculptures it had to offer. Burpee at the Unicorn/BrokenLeg, tricep dip at the White Arch, mountain climb at the Phillips Head while not forgetting to touch home base (Red Diamonds) and you have yourself a 0.25 mile, very obtuse triangle of agility and glory.

Social notes: Happy Hour TONIGHT at Cap City Tavern (1247 Bannock St) at 6:15pm. Cisco and Keith will be our trailblazers so look for them when you get there. If you don’t know who they are, Cisco is the Mexican and I can almost guarantee Keith will probably be wearing something that says Kansas, Chiefs or RockChalk on it. I doubt he’ll read this so who wants to put money on it? Tribal Bonding= #free. Beverages= #not.

Wednesday notes: Next Wednesday we will be at the Capitol Steps again and we will be taking MUGSHOTS. We will not have a hair and make up team so please plan accordingly. This is a workout you should not miss. You all are what makes this crazy movement work and we want you represented!

Love today and everyday. The General.

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