Traverbal’ing Gone Wrong -We Missed You Little Foot

Alli “Little Foot” Armstrong,

You fold pants like a pro, you educate like a school teacher, you talk a big game, and you usually do what you say. The key word is USUALLY. But let’s back it up a bit for those who are just now tuning in…

As one of Boston’s CORE members from 2012 (that was pretty much the end of your road) we will always hold a place in our heart for you. You’re the odd daughter that none of us ever had. We’ve watched you grow up from your freshmen year at Boston University until now (seems like you may actually graduate this year in December – We’ll see if your ass actually shows up to get that diploma or not). But going back to our INTRO, we have a few pieces of advice for you that we hope stick to your brain like a PBR hangover…

In business (which we know little about), a few of the most simple principles can be the hardest to stand by. Say please and thank you. Be on time. Finish what you start. And (our favorite) DO WHAT YOU SAY.

Last week, when visiting Goldie here at NPSD, you gave us your word that you’d rise & shine and do Ninja Hill sprints up Loring with NPSD, the fearless leader Dr Lauren Padula, and your life coach Goldie Graham. For no real or good reason, you snoozed your young ass into a few hours of sleep, practicing bad habits that will one day get you fired from even the most chill spandex shop.

So know these things friend:

Be on time.
Finish what you start.
Say please & thank you.
Do what you say.
Never get on this wall again.

We Missed You Alli “Little Foot” Graham-Armstrong.


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