#traverbal [‘tra’vərbəl] – when one bounces from tribe to tribe (VIC)


We know we got it good. Heck. We know we got it so.damn.good. Vancouver Island is paradise; from our front yard, to side yard, to back yard, we’ve not only got yards of outdoor playground, we’ve got 32,134 km² in fact (that’s 12 407 miles2 America), of lush greenery, rocky mountains and majestic coast line to explore and call home. The vibe that our NP Victoria tribe attracts and re-inforces week by week goes beyond mother nature though, it goes deep into the roots of human nature, to what it takes to makes us feel alive and connected to others.

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So when NP’ers drop a travel verbal (read: #traverbal) and make the long trek to our Island, you can imagine how excited we are to show off our gem of a rock, welcome them into our tribe, and make them feel like they’ve been bouncing with us since day 1. We have had the chance to bounce with NP’ers from Boston, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle, SF, SD and LAX, and one thing that holds true is the quality of people that November Project attracts; curious minds, positive souls, strong bodies and fierce spirits.

Last week we had the pleasure to host the one and only BG…


…and this week the rad trio of Connor, Ryan and Bryan from LAX, and the gratitude in the wake of these four guys leaving came flowing in like the tides Now, let’s pass the mic to our guest blogger Ryan from Los Angeles via Malibu, to shed some light on what it means to be victorious.



To travel all way up here is a bit of a task. Two consecutive weeks of November project workouts (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), 10+ hour days of driving, and countless uncomfortable nights spent on the floor can really take it out of you. Though we did find respite and comfort in all the tribes that we visited along the way. We got to see new areas of overly-familiar cities, meet bright, shiny new faces, and most importantly have a blast sweating, hugging, and working our asses off. So, naturally, arriving in Victoria felt like a long time coming. An unfamiliar city, an unfamiliar country and an odd pronunciation of vowels had the three of us reeling for a bit. We (Connor, Bryan, and myself) were of course taken aback by the immense amount of natural beauty surrounding Victoria. The pacific ocean and inner harbour in the foreground with the snow-capped olympic mountains cresting above; it was honestly a bit shocking driving into downtown. Yet instantly we felt at home after being lovingly welcomed into Kass’ abode. Then, with a quick tour around the urban core it was as if we had spent months here. Hearing all of the initial hype from Brogan and other tribe members that had traveled this far north had set our expectations high and now it was beginning to make sense why. With an incredible workout, one that felt more like team training then free fitness, Victoria, and it’s incredible tribe, will most likely go down as one of, if not, the most exciting city to visit on our road trip. I honestly only have positive things to say about the Victoria tribe and could probably spew on for hours about how much we all want to get visas and move here, but I will try to keep this brief: Thank you for keeping the optimism alive, thank you for keeping the energy alive, thank you for keeping the love, the fun, the excitement, the ass-kickery, the weirdness, the funk, the rumpus, the skull-duggerry, and all other fun adjectives alive. In a world that quickly commodifies, capitalizes, and monetizes most enjoyable experiences, thank you for keeping the true spirit and the camaraderie of November Project alive. It’s a beautiful reminder how this whole crazy thing is a movement instead of just a cheap way to get fit. I am inspired by each and every one of you and will continue to strive for a similar greatness that is witnessed on Beacon Hill every Wednesday morning at 6:30 am. Even though we all live in L.A., I can say with confidence that you’ll see our smiling faces and receive our sweaty hugs again sometime, hopefully soon. In the meantime, you keep doing you, keep setting the bar high and being an incredible bench mark for all those other tribes. Oh, and thank your incredible leaders for screaming at you every week and for being so energized that they make 70(ish) burpees seem achievable. They are the ones that really make this tribe special, and the ones who really made us feel special. The three of us send our love out to each and every one of you, thank you again for showing us the stunning city that is Victoria. – Ryan

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