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Preface: I, LtFlannielTurboletti, wrote this blog post before today’s workout. I wrote it ahead of time, so that I would remember some talking points that I wished to share with the tribe this morning on our second birthday, and the day that I am stepping back from my role as tribe-leader, to return to my roots as an Average Turbo participant, who #JustShowsUp to push the tempo at each workout and remember peoples names while I hug them. Also, I want to make it clear that Ryan Wooderson is not my replacement, but rather the next in leadership-kin, whose unique history of tribal experience, perspective on community potential, and similar-appearance to Andrew Ference suit him well as he joins the General and Sargent to lead the 5280 tribe into the next stage of #WorldTakeover.

This weekend was a microcosm of why I started November Project in Denver two years ago. A high profile race series happened in Denver this weekend – I won’t name any names – and we got to witness our community of racers, volunteers, and cheerleaders, gather together in support of each other, as we all strove toward personal achievements. In our community the roles change from week to week, but the commitment has always been towards improvement, encouragement, and full participation in each other’s lives.

Some amazing things have happened over the last two years, as we have all helped grow this group from four people atop a hill to a colony of bumblebees enabling the hive to function as a unit. And much more important than the size of the hive are the relationships, the hugs, and the smiles that it has generated.

It is at this juncture two years later, that I am proud to step back from my role of cheerleader, missionary, & guide for this tribe, and am happily passing the reigns over to someone who has been with us since our beginnings.

This person understands what we are as a tribe and a family represent to the community and he is dedicated to the success & growth of this PROJECT as we move forward together. This person recognizes that the tribe is much bigger than its leaders, that we are all just here to hang out with super awesome people and sneak in a little hardcore workout on the side.

The time has come to hand the keys over to Ryan Wooderson. He is capable of extending his vision of what this tribe can be, while directing this community of people towards greatness in the form of #WorldTakeover. Major Wood joins General Molly and Sargent Sellen Machine as the trio of hardworking, selfless indivuiduals, who will continue to benc over backwards to satiate the hunger that you all have to keep this PROJECT stimulating, inclusive, and hip until the end of time.

VIBE. Keep the vibe is all I ask for, as I give up my pedestal. We are not a workout class, we are not fitness instructors, we are just a couple of cool dudes who ya’ll chose to wake-up with and workout alongside while wearing clothing that we casually spray-painted. Remember our ROOTS, remember why we are here, and remember how special it is that we have met each other.

This tribe has never been about the leaders, but instead about the contributions of its members to one another. Onward.

One Love,


FRI: Ruby Hill 530/615AM. This is where our very first workout took place. (location:

FRI: 6PM: Run to Happy Hour at Gov’s Park Tavern. Meet at Tavern at 6PM. Run 3-miles around Cheeseman Park. Enjoy Happy Hour 2-for-1 Pizza Wheels for the rest of time.

Playgrnd Pledge Class: Ruby Hill, Denver, September ‎18, ‎2013
Playgrnd Pledge Class: Ruby Hill, Denver, September ‎18, ‎2013
530 pumkin touchin
530 pumkin touchin


Friday Location: Ruby Hill Denver
Friday Location: Ruby Hill Denver
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  1. Yeah Woody! I’m so pumped for you that right now I’m dropping a #furball for Friday Dec 18th.

    Molly & Matt – keep on truckin’.

    Dan – thank you.

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