Shit got cray cray down at Washington Square Park this morning. People got dirty. People broke up and then got back together. Babies were bouncing.  Students were filming documentaries on free fitness. It was a total TRAINWRECK.

Rebecca was recruited TODAY (5 mins before this picture was taken) street and jumped right in!

The Tribe, which is VERY STRONG, buddied up. We had 4 actives to tackle along with running around the picturesque fountain.  Activities were: Fuck-Yeah push-ups, leg tosses, dips, and quick step-up feet.  Every 7 mins “TRAINWRECK!” was called out which meant tribers had to scrambled to switch buddies-hence the breaking up reference from above.

OH, feel that burn! And look at that brand new #grassrooting from Wednesday.

We even got babies involved–never too early to start the NP lovefest.

Babies Bounce, too!

Next Wednesday: It’s PR Wednesday at Gracie Mansion @ BOTH 5:28 a.m. and 6:28. a.m. Bring Everyone you know and don’t know. We need to get to #3014, #worldtakeover. Help other Tribes get numbers. Get on The Facebook and recruit. Text everyone in your phone. Send telegrams. #JustShowUp. The Tribes are Strong. The Community is Strong.


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