Trail Mansions 2.0

Footing today- suspect.  Mansion Loops- usual business. Patches of Ice- slick, but manageable.  Coming out on a cold, PR Day is hard enough for some people.  Now add the element water.  Now turn that into snow, three days ago.  Ok, now let me blow your mind: that melted water when below 0 degrees Celsius (273 Kelvin) turns to ice.  That’s a little dose of Bill Nye the Science Guy for ya on a Wednesday.  November Project: imparting knowledge on people since 2013.  But man, even with those tough conditions climbing over the snow, turning on patches from an ice skating rink, you got out there and proved that you are #weatherproof*.


Awards were handed out to the top two finishers of Trail Mansions today in the male and female categories, as well the female masters champion.  Awards were destroyed by participants on site because awards are meaningless.  The 5:28 group laughed at the idea of awards, because their trophy cases cannot fit anything else.


FRIDAY: Madison Square Park, go to the tracking website to get the exact location.  Also, #Sunrise6k NYC Edition is happening Friday, February 20, 2015 at 6:07 a.m. Spread the word, spread the noise.


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