Tore it up! (YEG)

This morning the tribe tore up the new legislature ground…literally. We’re sort of sorry for all of the little pebbles that were kicked up as we sprinted around the newly constructed annexes.

Today’s workout proved to be a full body affair with sprints, squats, burpees, split lunge jumps, pushups, mountain climbers, and side plank dips…I think we hit it all! Great job by all as you challenged yourself to the various levels that were available to you. If you want to do this workout again…here’s a link to our plan (we missed the last tabata today…you can do this one on your own!)

Monday, April 13th Workout 

Wednesday we will be running stairs! The locations of those stairs is still to be determined. Watch the twitter feed for a location announcement.

Until next time, SMILE! J

PS. If you still haven’t taken a moment to watch this do so now! If you’ve already enjoyed it…watch it again.

IMPORTANT UPCOMING EVENTS – June Sunshine 6K & NP Summit in Utah


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