Top Dog (DCA)

Today’s award for most excited participants goes to a four-way tie between Skala, Walker, Bodhi, and Lunchbox. If you’re lost, it’s because you weren’t at the workout (cue FOMO) and missed the plethora of dogs now attending November Project DC. These lovely animals thoroughly enjoy showing up, bouncing, running (for the most part), panting, licking, and chasing squirrels. They’ll interrupt your planks at no cost. But only because they are THAT dedicated to FREE FITNESS.


Watching these pups this morning makes me question my dedication sometimes. These dogs would do anything for you (and for a treat). Am I the same for my friends? Family? Strangers on the street? Do you say hi to anyone and everyone you pass daily? Or do you pick and choose based on any number of ways to look at it? We change this city starting with one hi, one smile, one two minute conversation in the coffee line at a time. Make that happen. Go outside of your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised at how much your life will change.


Shoutout to our very own Kara Garrot for winning (in another 4-way tie) the #InappropriatelyFast HW. Shoutout to Jack for being the groom…check out all the winners and honorable mentions in the link above.

MARCH 28th: #MarchOfThePenguins is happening. Solid details coming later this week.

APRIL 3rd: #BeRebellious TedxFoggyBottom talk. Get your tickets now so we can take over the auditorium with #GrassrootsGear.


In the meantime,


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