Tom Taylor Sleeps During Scary 0.5 Inch Snow Storm

Tom, You said you were coming. In front of Tracksters and even some Kevin Quadrozzle types, YOU SAID YOU’D BE THERE and you didn’t show up.

Tom Taylor 3

Tom Taylor 2

You’ve put me in an odd position:
Tear this dude down like I’ve known him for years and years OR go easy because I’m not sure exactly how fragile he actually is. By Facebook stalking even the top layer of photos in your life anyone can prove that you’ve done things that show you’re #weatherproof and well rounded. You’re a runner, a camper, a water skier, and a downhill skier. You seem to have no issue with getting things done at work and you also seem to be a man of your word.

You know what, before we even get too worked up here we’ll say this:
Maybe as you get older in life things have started to scare you. When you looked out the window and saw a half inch of snow on the ground, maybe you were scared. Perhaps you thought to yourself, “Holy crap!! What if this turns into a full inch of snow!? What will I do then!?” At that point you rolled back over and went safely back to sleep. I mean, REALLY, how could you have known that that potential inch of snow was actually far less and that you’d even be noticed for NOT SHOWING UP in NP’s larger than life crowd of members.

I’ll close with this: We are not a polished, money-hungry gym. We don’t do better as a business when our members sign up and pay their fees (In our case, drop a verbal commitment) and don’t show up. We’re the exact opposite. Fuck Planet Fitness, here on Planet November Project, our outside membership is best when everyone actually shows up. Use the field, the track, the steps, and the hills. Wear out your facilities as you wear into new friendships and training goals. The more humans racing, interacting, and training for #FREE, the better off we all are. The more butts in the race and the better the race. More arms in the mob and the more hugs we’ll all have to give out.

Tom, you broke our heart as you broke your word. We hope you’re safe and that the 0.5 inches total of snow didn’t collapse your roof (Keith’s roof?). We love you and want you to train with us and know life is best when everyone shows up.

In the end Tom Taylor, today in the snow…

We Missed You.

Tom Taylor 1

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