Today’s Workout Brought to You By: Day Quil (SD)

If you’re like me, many of you may be feeling a little foggy about this morning’s workout. From the overcast skies to the multi-lingual good morning bounce to the incredibly confusing (but sounded perfectly clear in my head) instructions to the workout, today was a little off normal in San Diego.

Typically at NP, we are all about keeping our shit grassroots – we don’t hype brands, companies, or sponsors. But today I will say – this morning’s workout was brought to you by Day Quil. That shit is powerful.

Anyways… here is a list of things that I am 100% sure happened this morning, just to help clear your fog:

1. Beautiful bad ass babe Jamie Inn got the positivity award (and it became clear that Ashleigh has a girl crush on her).

2. Newbies showed up. They raced hard. They will come back again.

3. We announced that #NPYoga is going down this Friday at 6:29AM at Kate Sessions Park. BYOMat and $0.

4. Monday is the first Monday in September. That means we are at Kate Sessions Park and that we are TAGGING. Bring a shirt, shorts, outfit for yearbook photos to get tagged.

5. Next Wednesday is YEARBOOK PHOTO DAY. Things you should know:

–  recruit people, lets hit 200 on photo day.

– dress to impress, 1st day of school style.

– the lovely and talented Mr. Nick Isabella will be capturing your beautiful mugs.

6. The #mayhemMonday theme for September is “Back to School”, we will be at playgrounds all across the city. Tentative schedule is: Kate Sessions Park, Embarcadero Park, Balboa Park, Crown Point. Don’t hold us to that. Sometimes we change our minds.

7. Se Feliz! Se Fuerte! Se Brillante! San Diego!



There are none! I put them above! Gotcha!


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