Today’s Life Lesson, brought you you by November Project

There are two announcements to be made before the Life Lesson is revealed.

  1. Wednesday (this Wednesday, Dec 17th) is #GrassrootsGear paint day.  Bring your gear to be tagged.  Bring the stuff you plan to give as holiday gifts to be tagged.  Don’t complain on Dec 31 when we do NOT tag.

  2. Pay for your NP Buffs.   Now.  Don’t hesitate.  Don’t make Ryan track you down and publicly humiliate you for forgetting to pay for the Buffs you requested.  Do it.

Now on to the Life Lesson: You probably already know the importance of two key messages heard repeatedly in the world of November Project: #JustShowUp and #RaceEverything.  You can relate these, obviously, to every single workout, but you can also apply them to every damn day of life.  Show the fuck up!  Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, when you truly show up and bring all of you–give it everything you’ve got– you’re way more likely to experience it fully, do your best, have more to offer to others, and get more out of it for yourself.  Even when it’s a hard experience–if you show up, you get to live it, rather than sleeping through something that could change your life.

A brief detour for a description of the workout, which you need for context: Today we met at the Old State House (not to be confused with the “New” State House) and then we ran over to the stairs in the middle of Government Center.  We did a circuit that Evan told us would last “until we get kicked out or 12 minutes.”


It included super high wall jumps, or step ups for those who don’t have a 36” vertical, who aren’t naturally 6’4”, or those who generally value their shins.  I know some of you sacrificed shins this morning, so just chalk that up to being badass.  I suggest you wear capri pants or knickers, whichever you find first in your closet today, and just walk around silently staring straight faced at people.  When they talk to you, simply look at your shins, do a standing high-knee jump and then back away slowly making the NP gang sign with your hands.   (The NP gang sign is really a #NotACult sign, but “gang sign” sounds cooler.)


It also included some lateral stair climbing, which was wildly confusing at first–and I think I heard some courageous folks making up their own workout on the stairs.  Was it cross-over? Side by side stepping?  Could you skip stairs? Facing which way? Wait, you have to do it twice?  Yeah, we figured it out but it was fun to watch everyone in confusion, trying to decide what to do.  Simply put, we made a big W on the stairs–down & up facing one way, to the other side of the railing, then down & up facing the other way.

The last piece of the circuit was Bear Crawls, which I fondly call “ass in your face, feet in your teeth crawls.”  After big bear hugs given at the start of workouts, it’s the second best way to get to know fellow tribe members.  Overall a really fun, fast workout.

Back to the life lesson:

As the wild confusion on the stairs was occurring, I was attempting to coach people through–at least to reduce the confusion.  We finally got the traffic controlled into a steady W pattern down, up, turn around, down up, when I heard someone wise say, “It’s like a life lesson…it’s hard to do it right.”  Boom. There are a million little steps we take each day.  The literal steps we climb sideways during the workout and the other steps to and from everywhere we go.  And the metaphorical steps we take as we make decisions, interact with family, friends, co-workers, and navigate the wild, sometimes confusing steps of life.  And my friend was so right. Sometimes it’s hard to do it right.  Sometimes “right” isn’t always clear.  Sometimes what’s right for me is different than what’s right for you and it’s relative. But if you don’t get out there and start trying–start doing your very best–just start figuring it out and making something happen, you’ll never find your truth.

So today’s life lesson, brought to you by November Project and found on site at Government Center:

quote lesson
photo credit: Nishat Khan

“Never go out there to see what happens, go out there to make something happen.”  Isn’t that what November Project is all about?  Don’t let the winter time happen to you, go make tracks in the snow.  Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the city isolate you, go out there and hug strangers so the city is less strange and there are fewer strangers.  LIVE this life, it’s really all we’ve got.  It’s hard to do it right, but JustShowUp and together we’ll make something happen.


POSITIVITY AWARD. Someone who is living life fully–attending NP workouts for a good long time now and who received the Positivity Award this morning is Justin Beebe.  He and his wife Rita were at the workout today, and tomorrow he will go in for open heart surgery.  He carries the PA as a symbol of his positivity, his dedication and drive, and being a man who doesn’t just see what’s going to happen but who makes it happen.  The tribe is behind you Justin, with hugs, “fuck yeahs,” and a whole lot of love, brother. We’ll see you soon.

The Tribe is Strong.

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