Today’s Headlines… (DEN)

Daaaaang, what a day! Another successful and sexy #YearbookPhotos day in the books… In the yearbooks. In the newspaper that I write and read every day in my mind, the headlines for today’s workout were as follows…

“#JustShowUp and get (lumber)jacked with #NP5280”
“Mile high city runs wild with flannel clad models”
“#NP5280 evades arrest at Denver capitol building with a fucking pickaxe!”
“Maple syrup, not just for eating anymore”

I mean… the stories practically write themselves! I think that I can speak for all of us, so I’m going to… These workouts are up there on the list of highlights of our weeks. It’s because of all of these beautiful, quirky, sexy, weird, strong, happy, radiant people! I come to see all of you. You all come to see me… err I mean each other. Where the fuck else do people wake up before the sun just to work out? Trick question! Not even here! We wake up for each other. To see each other, and start our days off in the best way possible.

The talented Miss Morgan in action!
The talented Miss Morgan in action!

So what about these pictures? What’s the point? Why yearbook photos? I like to think of them more as family photos. Fucking awkward family photos. We get to record how our family has changed and grown over time. It’s photo evidence of our family tree. You see the people that have been there since the beginning, you see the leaders, and you see the newbies. Each person just as important as the next. The roots, trunk, branches, and leaves. The tree doesn’t function without it all. Our family tree doesn’t function without us all. So when those yearbook photos get dropped like they’re hot, check them out. Look at them and laugh. Then see them. See everyone in them. Tag yourself. Learn who everyone is in the pictures, then learn who everyone is outside of the pictures. This family is made up of all of us, not just the members that we talk to the most. We were all new at some point, and someone extended a branch for us. Use this as an opportunity to do the same for someone else, and bring them into the core of this family.

The metaphor fell apart a little bit at the end there… but you get the point. See each other. Know each other. Be each other.

Go leave someone better than you found them today!

Don’t forget, as Drew so eloquently stated today… Our raucous tribe is putting together a water station/cheer station/recruiting station/on-course party station for the Rock and Roll Marathon and Half Marathon! Below is the link to join the crew. Click “Race Crew Signup,” then select “An individual registering to volunteer as part of a group.” Finally, select “November Project 5280” as your group! Let’s make people wonder who these crazy kidz are, and how they can yell so loud for so damn long!

FRI: 5:30/6:15A @ Confluence Park-ish… By REI-ish… Maybe just look at the map

5:30 wood choppers
5:30 wood choppers
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