Today we shine bright (Ottawa)

This morning was a PR day, race day, be your best you have today and boy did this community shine. Oh so bright. PR day is a day you may wake up with a few more butterflies floating around, anticipating the challenge the stairs brings, and the added challenge that you know what you are capable of, and want to be just that little bit better today.

This morning we climbed steps for 29:23 and pushed HARD. Whatever that meant for us today. We put forward whatever was our best today. Maybe it wasn’t a PR, but we actually went out of our way to help someone get theirs because of our encouragement, our belief before the workout started, a quick reminder to just “keep. on. moving”. That feeling of supporting someone to their PR almost exceeds that of obtaining our own. It exceeds it because you know how great it feels, and to see someone achieve theirs is the best. You know the consistency they’ve been putting in, the goals they set for themselves and to see it pay off, it’s pretty cool. If you haven’t experienced what that is like to earn your PR, we encourage you to track your total sections you tackled today. Track it here: This is your baseline. You’ll know for next time what to aim for, how many more steps, or sections you want to complete. If you let someone know, they will be there to encourage you, check in on how that went, and hold you accountable. That’s the power of PR day and doing it alongside others.

One other special announcement was the positivity award to Anne. Her story is best depicted in this blog. She beams energy and smiles, encourages those around her with great consistency and is an example to many in this community, including her three girls who follow those stairs right behind her.


  1. POPUP WORKOUT: FRIDAY, AUGUST 30TH PARLIAMENT HILL, dress clothing encouraged for this wedding workout
  3. Want to join our Motionball Team – let Liz know the event takes place on September 21st!
  4. Have the most wonderful day
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