Today we race

Some days we show up knowing we’re going to get a solid workout and hug our friends.  Other days we show up knowing that we’re throwing down.  We’re committing to finding the extra that it takes to push harder, chase down that person in front of us, and not let this amazing morning get away from us.  This morning we raced.  One group raced each other to be the top 20 fastest runners to complete 3 full hills.  The other group raced themselves and the clock to complete full hills with a little stair spice before 7:15am.

I stood at the top of the hills announcing current placement for the top 11 women and 9 men each time they passed the park.  Some quotes from the field:

“I threw up a little on that last one.”

“What place am I what place am I what place am I???”

Racer: “I peed a little bit…” Emily: “when?”  Racer: “every step.”

“Did I win?”

…….(Racing murder eyes stare)…

Congratulations to those badass men and women who crushed the hills this morning.  You are the first 20 tribe members to earn FREE tickets to the Celtics game at which we will represent and roll deep in our #GrassrootsGear.  I guarantee it will be a party like you’ve never seen.  This is just a part of the master strategy for #WorldTakeOver. Step one: takeover the Jumbotron at the Boston Garden.  Step two: takeover the world.

Congratulations to everyone who chose to show up this morning.  It wasn’t a balmy morning like they have almost every damn day in San Diego or LA (not hating, just sayin’…).  It was windy and cold and those who dared to stand still for more than about 23 seconds felt the deep chill.  But I watched you take on the stairs–some of you for the first time.  I watched you fiercely push yourself up the hills.  And didn’t it feel good?  Isn’t it powerful when you decide to go just a little faster and see how long you can maintain it?  Isn’t it powerful when you think you’re just toast–you should stop because your legs and lungs are screaming after the 1 or 2 full hills you’ve done, but you committed to racing so you do one more back side hill, or one more full hill, or one final set of stair spice? We are getting better every single day we do this.  And this is why we race.  Some days you NEED the extra motivation to get better. And when you do that you win.  Even when you’re not in the top 20.  Maybe not today…but keep #RacingEverything and you will get faster.  You will pass people.  I believe in you.  And who knows what’s possible!

Take a note from our most recent Positivity Award winner Eric Klawiter.  On Wednesday he was given the PA because he represents this tribe in his spirit, he works hard, he #JustShowsUp, and he’s a member of this community who makes showing up better for the rest of us.  He and his wife Erika live close to Summit Ave. but they also have three amazing and young children so they figure out a way to allow both of them to run the hills (and the stadium).  photo 4

The dude showed up at 5:40 this morning to race the hills, wearing a vintage Larry Bird Celtics jersey.  Most of the tribe didn’t see him racing for the Celtics tickets because it’s not about the glory, or really even about the tickets to the game.  It’s about being motivated to get your #FreeFitness no matter what. He got better today.  Make sure you do too, every damn day.

Our Birthday celebration included a cross-country race with the three birthday kids vs. “Murder Eyes” Deniz.  It was slightly awkward, totally fun, and the best way to earn the weekend!

So you wanna join the #NPWorldTakeOverPartyAtTheCeltics too?

Here’s the deal.  On Dec 17th the Boston Celtics are playing the Orlando Magic at the Garden and if you want to be in on the biggest, baddest #NP event left in 2014, you will be with the November Project MOB that will be taking over the crowd at the game.  Here are the basic facts.  Don’t think too hard, just mark your calendar get yourself some tickets and FUCK YEAH, have a great time.

WHO: November Project

WHAT: Celtics game and some better-than-Swiss-Bakers quality time with awesome NP people.

WHERE: Beantown Garden

WHEN: Dec 17, 2014 at 7:30pm SAVE THE DATE

WHY: do we really need an excuse to gather, be a rowdy, loud, recruiting crowd?  Let’s take over the jumbotron!  Wear your #GrassrootsGear!

How to get tickets:

1. Win FREE tickets.

         1a.   20 fast racers already won individual tickets this morning.

         1b.   Tickets will be given out by #DEE at workouts so #JustShowUp and bring your A-game, you never know what might earn a ticket! (Birthdays, costumes, ???) 

2. Be one of the most consistent users of the NP Score Tracker — VERBAL and record your scores every workout.  FREE tickets will go to 20 of the top users of the tracker starting today, through 12/1 at noon.

3. Starting on 12/1, everyone who didn’t win one can purchase BOGO tickets: $30 gets you two seats at the game.  Hype this shit.  It’s going to be good.  Get your plans made and ready yourselves to jump on those tickets!  Don’t miss out like you did with NP Buffs!

For everyone who won a ticket this morning, you will trade in the voucher you were given this morning for a real game ticket as soon as we have those in hand.


VERBAL now for MONDAY’S DESTINATION DECK and see the location.  Weather is predicted to be almost balmy.  Have a great weekend!

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4 Replies to “Today we race”

  1. Do I really have to create a tracking account in order to go to Monday workouts now? I don’t like this, and I think that if you’re going to make a policy change like this, you should be upfront about why you’re doing it and how it’s going to work.

    1. Joev, The tracker is designed to help members track their progress and leaders to manage workouts easier. There were a lot of complaints that Monday location announcements were buried under multiple social media posts so the decision was made to use the tracker as the place to find Monday locations. Hope that answers your concerns and if not find me after the workout and we can talk it out.

    2. I agree with Joev, I don’t have a tracker account and I have no intention of creating one. Is there a reason it can’t be posted somewhere easier to check, or posted in more than one place? If you’re going to have both a blog and a Facebook account, you might as well use them.

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