To you, a nose boop (BAL)

You had no idea, until this morning, how serious a nose boop could be. It take more concentration than a high-five. With a high-five, you miss and it is just hitting air. There is some embarrassment involved, but not much. But with a nose boop, everything is at stake. There are eyeballs and prominent cheek bones and nostrils at stake. One false move by your mittened or freezing finger could lead to disaster. But with the first nose boops of 2016 under our belt, we are ready to take on the year in style and coordination.


This morning’s workout was brought to you by Patterson Park hills, several attempts of strava segment CRs, nose boops (of course), warm layers (SERIOUSLY, read Nick’s blog if you haven’t done so. I was warm this AM and it was due to the tucking. It’s true.), and the strong joy of the tribe.


Thank you to the newbies and traverbalers, the dogs and the humans, the injured and the non-injured for just showing up this morning. As you hear us say each week, this workout is for you and we love you for making this your own. Keep kicking ass, taking names….and then calling them up to invite them to NP. Simple.



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