To Run Or Not To Run (DCA)

When it’s rainy, cold, foggy (we know November Project SF has some real problems then), we all ask ourselves this question, either for a split second or five minutes of laying in bed. Here’s the take on the simple answer from our Slovenian visitor (we hope to see you back soon), Marko:


To run or not to run…it’s not even a question.

So I’ve only been with NP for about a month or so now I guess [back in November], and it might be too early to say that my life has completely changed because of you guys, but I can most definitely say that it has as a result changed in a number of ways.

First, I’ve come to meet quite a few really awesome people in the groups, and even gotten some contacts that might help me in the process of finding a job, and moving back to DC even sooner.


Second, running and working out has become even more fun than before; and I’ve been running for years before coming to NP, but you know sometimes, it’s just not fun running by yourself early in the morning, late at night, in shitty weather, etc. Most recently it happened was this morning, when I got up, my first instinct was “I really really don’t want to run in this fog/cold…I could just go later tonight, or tomorrow..” …but then I remembered the huddle/warm up at the Lincoln Memorial steps (even have a video of one morning), and I was out the door in a matter of minutes – suited and booted in full running gear, with an awesome new playlist. When I was about to get back to my house, I remembered the last Wednesday’s 6:30 run, when we did those exercises with the tennis balls. One of the first ones I did was the hopping to the top of the Lincoln Memorial..brutal! It wasn’t two minutes when this girl next to me asked around if anyone wanted to do that exercise – I told her that “I’ve already done it..” and she replied something like “so what? you’re here aren’t you? might as well do it again.” SO anyways, long story short, even though I’ve already run a few miles and was close to my house, I said to myself f*ck it, let’s go a few more. 

Third, because of 1) and 2), I’ve started to work even harder on my PhD, and am now closer to finishing it and coming back to DC.

 Anyways, just wanted to thanks! I’m back home in Slovenia right now, but hope to be back in DC and with NP soon! 

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that motivates us. Finishing off with some announcements:


WEDNESDAY: GET HYPED. THIS DUDE (pictured left with his MKE coleader) IS COMING FOR YOU. If you need some extra hype, watch this video NOW. BOOM.

CONTEST: We have until the end of January to show the NP world that DC is the most #InappropriatelyFast. .

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