TipTopTodd, #DoubleBurgers, & #VeggieBurgers ALL #FREE @Nov_Project

Today was great. Huge group. Great vibe. Awesome.

The #PositivityAward was awarded today to Todd Vanderlin of IDEO and NP World Takeover. He’s possibly the nicest, most positive dude we have. He’s super smart, makes amazing meals that are photo worthy, loves to race, and is a core member of not only NP, but the super fast Sunday Adventure Run Crew. He recently shaved his beard which was totally rad. Since his facial hair loss, Todd has gotten tons of looks from the ladies while the dudes couldn’t respect his decision any less. Todd: NP wouldn’t be the same without you. Your tribe loves you. #RaceEverything my man.

The workout today was a simple double tour of the Harvard Stadium (74 sections) that we’re calling a #DoubleBurger. The only other scaling option for the big kids was to do a #VeggieBurger (a single tour – 37 sections). Please see the amazing names next to the awesome times that made up the #DoubleBurger group. Many of you in the #VeggieBurger group PR’d. Tons of “newbies” as well. Like I said as I opened this post, Today was great.

FRIDAY is going to be a blast. Bring your headphones and your huggin’ mittens.

NEXT WEEK: We’ll post the plan for next week on FRIDAY.

Todd is positive and good (photo above).
New names for a tour & double tour.
It rained a little.
Friday we’ll run hills.
We love Birk & Deege.

Scores coming soon..

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