Tim Ryan Sleeps Through Community Building & Healthy Living at November Project Boston


Timothy Ryan, WE MISSED YOU THIS MORNING. I woke up and got to Harvard expecting to see all 62″ of outgoing red haired personality. I know itis hard for you to get your little head our of bed and i have been slacking on calling you out, BUT, this is the 5th time in a row you have missed a workout! I know that for someone of your size two light beers can be dehydrating, and maybe you were so banged up that you might not want to get out of bed but this is NOVEMBER PROJECT. Not only that Tim, but all we did last night was rag or your friend Sarah for not coming this morning. At least she told us she wasn’t going to make it! You promised me Tim, you promised. I am BIG on promises, and I know that getting out of bed at 5:00am can be a TALL order, but c’mon Tim. After all, we have been having some great times lately, including our work outing yesterday where you consumed those two beers, and told me you better stop because you have stairs in the

Yet you were a no show! I know over those two Miller lights your emotions were flowing and you wanted to pour your soul out to uncle Mike, so as your friend I was happy to listen. You told me how you weren’t happy with your level of fitness, how you wished to do better in work, and to meet a nice young woman that shared your same ambitions. I reminded you about all of the good looking people that go to NP! What a great place to network, for work, for great friends, and who knows, maybe for love (crazier things have happened there). Yet, you let me down, you let your friends down, you let the tribe down, and worst of all maybe you let your future companion down.

With all that being said Tim Ryan I hope you never break a verbal again, we missed you, your health missed you, and most of all of the kind (honest) members of November Project Boston missed you.

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