#Thunderstruck (IND)

So many new faces this morning! We are glad you showed up! No better way to #WakeUpNaptown than with boops on the schnoz, a total lunar eclipse and a doozy of an arms/core partner workout. Ask your co-workers what they did before 7am, listen politely as they recount their snooze button reps, then tell ‘em how you killed it at the Indiana War Memorial with some lateral running (fast feet!), wheelbarrows up the south steps (you can do it!), sprinting (past the moon!) followed by a tricep dip & leg throwdown combo (aww yeah, feelin’ it!). And then! Outta nowhere you got #Thunderstruck #NP_IND style. Watch said co-workers #FIMO (f*** I missed out) face appear. And say, “It’s okay. You can come with me next week.” #RecruitEveryone #3014





This morning was brought to you by Courtney, the newest CO-LEADER of #NP_IND.


More craziness in store. See you next week!

Wednesday. War Memorial. 6:15am. North stairs.

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