This workout was rated #NP_PG13 (NYC)

Exploring our vast city we stumble upon different landmarks, parks, shops, bridges, hills, dips, drops, climbs, towers, transients, whatever. We met a One Penn Plaza and owned it. Today we kept things PG-13 and started out with a little 8th GRADE DANCE. We made our kids get in pairs and that awkward group of three in the corner with the vagrant. As usual with our tribal dances, we kept room for the Holy Spirit. I think I saw some kids try to scurry off under the bleachers– heard Uncle Pete made out with a homeless guy behind the cafeteria. But hey, we are all one big happy tribe.


After that it was time for everyone’s favorite subject in school (no Emily D., not that)– RECESS!! Our newly formed couples all did the normal thing, and before they went to the mall, they got together with a few other couples.  But as one good lifeguard knows, if you have teenagers swimming to the mall you need them to use the BUDDY SYSTEM.   Our kids today made good use of the buddy system in between different workout stations, didn’t want to loose anyone.  Mixed it up with some burpees and step-ups in the plaza, and then did our indian run planks in the mall.

But remember when walking through the halls of this location, shhhhhhhhh…..

WEDNESDAY: Meet on Randall’s Island at 6:28 a.m.  (Remember, that means go over the bridge and meet on the other side of the river.) Bring your shirts, as we will be doing some #GrassrootsGear.


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