This Too, Shall Pass


THE WORKOUT: How many rounds can you do before 6:53?

  • 10 Windshield wipers
  • 20 Tricep dips
  • 200m Side shuffle
  • Wall sit until you win a “best of 3” game of rock-paper-scissors



Some of you got Buff today. Ryan was handing them out to those who pre-ordered. For more info: see the Buff Distribution Plan (BDP)

5 of us ran more than 6 miles to get to the deck. Boom! Congrats to you! We hummed you happy birthday because you’re awesome.



Yesterday was a bit of a tough day for me.  My dad passed away three years ago and it “coincidentally” feels overwhelming about this time of year. A week ago, I got some permanent writing on my leg that translates to “this too, shall pass”, written in a replication of his handwriting.

It is a phrase that inspires me to enjoy all experiences to their fullest, regardless of how comfortable I am and to not get stuck on the ones that aren’t comfortable — being reminded that they too, shall pass. I’ve noted several occasions since where I’ve been able to more calmly handle something stressful by knowing that 30 minutes later, it would merely be an emotional impression.


Of course, I’m definitely still working on finding my 8ºF #weatherproof beaming genuine smile (like that of Laura Williams or Matt Murawski), but watching this helps me get there: Matt Killingsworth: Be in the Moment TEDxCambridge.

Although the experiences will pass, I’ve found that I can make each day count towards the future by building more small steps towards my goals of healthy relationships, healthy body, and independence. I’m not taking “this too, shall pass” to be an excuse to be passive, but a motivator to inspire me to put Future Evan in a better position. I might not feel motivated to get out for my long run if my gloves don’t match (hopefully I’m joking), but I know that I’ll not only enjoy the process but also feel happier.

Join me in making the most of 2015 by embracing the comfortable and uncomfortable moments. Make Future You awesome by enjoying each step you take today.



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