You all were on FIRE today. Not literally… but hot damn. There were a lot of sweaty bodies makin’ it happen out there, and luckily due to our frequent “FIRE DRILL!!!!” practices, no one got hurt. You know… when you all bring it like that it makes it really easy to understand why it’s worth it to give the middle finger to your snooze button when your alarm goes off at god-knows-when-oclock and just show up.


Today was a bit of an epic moment in the lives of C-squared, as it was the first day that we were Em-less. Two grown men idiotic manboys up there leading an equally insane group of people in one of our favorite activities: climbing stairs. This morning was a little difficult for us in that we didn’t have the safety net that our veteran Ms. Saul brings, but even more-so, we didn’t have her wacky and weird energy. So let me be the first to say, WE MISSED YOU MISS SAUL, but at least we didn’t burn down the place!

The workout today involved people crushing all sorts of different section totals, and whatever yours was, be fucking proud of it! Whether it was 10, 19, 45, or 113, be proud of your number! Don’t get bogged down in the fact that some people are churning out 50-80 sections on a typical Wednesday. We want YOU to challenge YOU! Sure, when you show up and you’re racing each other, everyone gets faster, but your time, your section count, your shakey legs at the end should be something YOU are proud of, because only you know how much effort went into that number/time/sensation. So next time you come back, ask the stadium for a few more sections or a slightly faster time. I guarantee it’ll reply with some snarky comment like “over my dead body,” but just like you do with that snooze button–turn around and give it the middle finger, ‘cause you’ve got shit to do.


Congrats to everyone that just showed up this morning (tracker link here), and a “Woop, there it is!!” to everyone who’s coming on Friday. We’ll be slightly quieter, but just as badass on Summit Ave in Brookline. See you there.

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