This belongs to you (BAL)

PR Day. Your chance to prove to YOURSELF how #trainingforlife and showing up to NP every Wednesday to get fit and create community can lead to some BIG results. As Nick said before the workout, “this is the only event at November Project that you are focused on yourself.” While we love to have fun and get weird (speed skating kisses anyone?), we also want to ensure that November Project is a group that you can come to every week and be guaranteed an ass-kicking workout. PR Day is a testament to the hard work that you all put in every week, both at and outside of NP. You all should know how proud Nick, Syd, and I are of every. single. one. of. you, for making Wednesdays the best part of our week.


A huge congratulations is needed for Ms. Penny Lee, winner of this week’s Positivity Award. We can’t think of anyone who embodies the spirit of November Project more, and she has done so since the first day she showed up. We have no doubt that Penny Lee spreads this positivity into every aspect of her life, and we are grateful that we get to be recipients of it every Wednesday morning!



Now, time to get serious. I wish I had captured the entirety of Nick’s speech at the end of today’s workout on video, so that I could memorize it and replay it in my head all day, everyday. It was THAT motivating. To add onto what he said: November Project Baltimore started eleven months ago as “Project Morning Mayhem,” before we were authorized to use the November Project name and logo. At that time, we were working out exclusively on the Federal Hill stairs, our music played through Nick’s Shockbox speaker (we thought that thing was SO LOUD), and a group of more than five people was a massive success.


Today, we had 80 people combined from the 5:30 and 6:30 groups. We rarely work out on Fed Hill anymore because WE’RE TOO BIG. We are pushing closer towards our goal of 120 people at a single Wednesday workout. That is 120 individuals; 120 beautiful and unique stories just begging to be told and heard; 120 first kisses, 120 biggest fears, 120 greatest accomplishments. Seek those stories out. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and let your story be known. November Project doesn’t just offer you a free workout; it is an opportunity to give ourselves and receive so much in return. So, this blog post belongs to you. Wednesday mornings belong to you.

November Project Baltimore belongs to you.

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