Things I Learned Today (YEG)

  • No one reads our tweets.
  • Those that do, do not take them seriously.
  • Tanis wants our jobs.
  • Tanis is starting a rival tribe.
  • Never send Rob to check things out.
  • People will run past my backpack at the statue and not even look twice.
  • Leaving a backpack with sad classical music at a statue in a park is suspicious.
  • Hiding in the bushes in the river valley before 6am is even more suspicious.
  • A dog can find you no matter how good your hiding spot is. Being attacked by a big dog is actually my biggest fear. I almost had to hide behind Jen. Sorry Jen. (I’m not really sorry)
  • Don’t say hi to dog walkers when you are hiding at 6am. They’ll be frightened and call the police.
  • The police actually show up someone calls them.
  • Mean Jen is far from nice and she is scarier than finding two people hiding in the river valley when it’s dark out. (Annya, I apologize on behalf of Jen for her behavior this morning.)
  • It is possible to run a workout with only two people.
  • April 1 is no joke
  • This is my favourite group picture.


For anyone coming to November Project Canada on Friday, we will be tagging gear. If you have more than one shirt to get tagged, we will do that after everyone else has their first shirt tagged. We will only be tagging in black paint, so don’t bring a black/dark shirt. Friday will be GOOD.

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