Things are about to get social. Save the Date- BAL

Mark your calendars, things are about to get very, very social.


November 8 and December 5.

What’s Black and White and Read all over?
Just some costume inspiration.

You know that person. You’ve all met them. I’m talking about that person that claims they’re “not a morning person” and  that they really prefer to do their workouts in the “evening.” Maybe they have heard of November Project but have a weird thing against hugging and too much joy early in the morning. It’s the person that is super gung-ho about Free Fitness right up until you drop the meeting time, then they’re suddenly about as comfortable as a pig at Bacon Fest 2015. We’ve all me them, tried to recruit them, told them they’ll like it…and never seen them again.

We have a solution and we’re going to need you to drag some newbies with you. It may or may not involve beers. 

November 8, 5:00 pm: Better Than Bedtime

To start things off, next Sunday, November 8, is a little event we call Better than Bedtime.  This year Better than Bedtime will kick off at 5:00 pm from Rash Field. BTB is an international event and will kick off in 26 cities all across the United States and Canada.  We’ll run a few miles and then bring our community together for beers and social greatness. This is your first opportunity to bring all of those catz who, due to an early morning allergy, don’t know how goddam amazing your Wednesday mornings are. It’s a low key, easy going event and is guaranteed not to scare your new friends off. Our run will end at an undisclosed location ( we promise, you will be able to get home). #suspense

Since we don’t do anything without a theme (because science has proven that themes make everything better) here it is: Better than Bedtime: What’s Black and White and Read/Red all over?

Remember the first time you read that joke off of a Popsicle stick? Yeah, we do too. Your challenge for this event is to create an outfit or accessory out of newspaper, the more creative and ridiculous the better. Similarly, should you choose to dress as a variation on that joke ( a bloody penguin, a zebra skin coat after a run in with PETA, an Oreo/ Twizzler sandwich) we will welcome you with open arms. Creativity is the name of the game.

December 5 : City Glow

Better than Bedtime is all about bringing friends ( old, new, very very new) together in a very relaxed setting. It’s a chance for us to reach out and bring new folks along to meet the tribe and talk NP.

BUT! BTB has only a morsel of the level of EPIC that comes with CITY GLOW. If there is one event that you need to attend this year if only to say you were there…this is it. This is our chance to light our city up and celebrate another amazing year of NP ( we can actually say that now). More details to come.

Prepare for a full month of CITY GLOW HYPE. We’re about to make our city a glowing orb of positivity and you’re going to want to be there.  Photos from last year, just to wet the palate.



Save those dates, recruit some newbies. Lets Bounce. 

#Justshowup this Wednesday, 6:30 am at Rash Field for lots more information.


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