Things and Stuff (YEG)

I could not think of a good title but I can guarantee you that by the end of this blog you will have read about many a thing and probably a couple of stuffs.

Thing 1 – Put my money where my mouth is: If it has not been clear yet by my voice and lack of exercise recently, I am currently sick. It has been bloody hard not to try and push it up those stairs with all of you. Don’t get me wrong I am not comparing injuries or looking for pity. What I am saying is that in these blogs and in hundreds of other mediums we all talk about taking time to rest and making sure you are listening to your body. I am going to do my very best to do just that. Know that from the side lines I am cheering you on (even if you just can’t hear me between all my coughs).

Look at that form <3

Thing 2 – You may have seen a certain leader taking a phone call this morning. You may have thought to yourself, hey what is that guy doing while I am working out? I want to be on a phone call talking to someone really cool right now! Little did you know that actually what you saw wasn’t a phone call at all. What you witnessed was the beta version of a new exercise. From the same company that brought you exercises like “step forwards,” and ” Step forwards – while opening a door” we are pleased to announce the newest craze: “Step forwards – while holding a phone to your ear” BRAAAAAAMMMMM *cue dramatic music here * This new exercise still needs some refinement but should you see it again just know that you are witnessing some live trials.

Thing 2.1 – More photos: on Facebook

Thing 3 – Grassroots……gear…….tagging……TAGGING……Friday…. Be there: #hype

Stuff 1 – You’ve seen the shirts with the spray paint and you’ve been keeping that one shirt in your closet all winter, waiting for it to be warm enough out for the smell of paint fumes to fill the air. But do you know the history of tagging? Check out this blog for more details

Stuff 1.1 – Why you should get a tag: besides looking badass, one of the main reasons why I like tagged shirts is because of the connectivity it brings. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been in a race or been out traveling somewhere, and someone recognizes the tag. Maybe you think I am kidding but honestly it always happens and it never gets old. Get a tagged shirt on Friday (or another one if you have one already) and I’ll make you a promise. If I ever see you out on the trails in the city, at a race (anywhere on the globe), or even if you are just going about your daily life, I promise with all my heart that I will yell and scream my face off cheering you on to wherever you are going or whatever you are doing. #pinkyswear

Stuff 1.2 – Volunteers: We are a big group and we want to make sure that we get through as many shirts as we can. If you are willing to help spray some shirts on Friday please message us (IG Twitter, in-person etc etc.).

Thing 4 – Keep being awesome: That is all





Friday – Walterdale hill

Tagging Grassroots Gear THIS FRIDAY – One item per person, lightly coloured top (avoid waterproof materials), message us if you want to volunteer to help spray paint

We stuff have buffs – 5$

Blood Drive (check out the social page on facebook for details – lots of us are heading down on April 27 to the clinic by the UofA)


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