They are really cheering for you (YEG)

“If you think your legs are screaming at you right now, they’re not, they are actually just cheering really loudly!”

“You might think your legs are saying F-You! but they are really just saying F-Ya!”

If you heard either of these today as I moved along the stairs with you remember them…your calves, quads, hammies will need the reminders today and tomorrow. If you didn’t get a chance to hear these one-liners say them out loud now…if nothing else, they’ll make you smile!

This morning’s Broadway sound track was brought to you by today’s workout – West Side Story…west side of the stadium…upper and lower west side sections were demolished by the tribe. We even had some tribies who started all over again after covering the entire western wing before time was called…impressive!!

To everyone who recruited a newbie today…YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you for continuing to help build the tribe, this community, this free fitness movement! In 16 cities across North America today people were moving with November Project! You’re a part of something big…really, really big! Let’s keep it growing.

With all of our new recruits and all of you who want to wear NP proudly…we will be tagging Friday. If you are in need of some #grassrootsgear, bring 1 top Friday…light or bright color – we spray black.

Friday…6AM…Emily Murphy Hill…See you all there!

I’ll miss you all until then 🙂

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