There’s s(no)w stopping us (Den)

5:30… You were guinea pigs today. Let’s be real. You pretty much always are, but today you were UNDOUBTEDLY guinea pigs. Who knew that a fresh coat of snow would make the stairs a touch slippery? I tried to clear them off, but apparently a car brush doesn’t work all the quickly… I’ll wake up earlier next time. (Apparently Molly thinks that 4:00 is too early…)

Props to our body weight exercise aficionado Stefan for throwing down some fierce new moves for us today! Props to our new friend, Mr. Plow-Driver for clearing off the sidewalk for us! (He and his wife both hyphenated their names) Props to all of you that decided to #JustShowUp!

A little bit of snow didn’t stop you from getting here. It didn’t stop you from having a damn good workout! Good thing too… if y’all didn’t show up, Molly and I would have been left to our own devices. Someone probably would have gotten hurt.

Me. It would have been me. Again.

Think about it though… This little bit of snow that you barely bat an eye at, it stops so many people from going outside and living it up! What other things stop those people? What things stop you? Should they really have that much power over you?

Now go do that thing you do!

Mittwoch: Civic Center Park! Be there, or be there!


My name is Blurryface, and I care what you think

If you need a little help getting the party started this weekend, I suggest you let this man do it for you…


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