Theme Park Friday (DCA)

We got down and dirty, wet, and sweaty. We did some shuffling, some weaving (no bobbing), and rode a roller coaster. Most of all, we had fun. No we didn’t go to Six Flags. Just your typical Friday morning with November Project DC. If you missed out on the fun, no worries. We want you there. It happens every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. All you gotta do is #JustShowUp.

Remember that time the leaders from the then 7 cities went to the Great White North for #NPSUMMIT 2013? It’s happening again. Except this time, it’s 17 cities and you’re all invited to come participate. 7 weeks from now in Madison, WI, we’ll be joining together to hug it out and race it out. All tribes lead to Madison.

If you don’t have a timekeeping device, get one for this coming Wednesday. PR week is where we race it out. YOU keep track of your time and then post it to the google form. If you beat it next month or the month after or the month after, you’ll get a free salad from the great local-born company of Sweetgreen. Simple. Easy. Delicious #RaceEverything.

Monday we’re back at Meridian Hill Park for some #HillsForBreakfast. Come hungry. 6:30AM.


Show someone some love this weekend. Anything from a high five to a 10-second bear hug is acceptable. Also, show the other 16 NP tribes some love on FB and Twitter. Give them a Like and a Follow.




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