The Woodwork Hath Been Emptied

You know that day?
The day that all of a sudden 20 people you haven’t seen in what feels like months come out of the wood work? Whether it’s due to injuries, or moving away, or less light in the day, or whether it’s just the weather. Every now and then we see a bunch of old friends that haven’t been in awhile, that all decided to show up on the same day for some reason. If this is on purpose or by accident I’ll never know, but I’ve decided to name it. I’m calling it Reunion Day.
Among many others, this morning we saw the likes of Laura Caplan back from injury, John Depinas decided to wake up early, and Mitch decided to show up from the West Coast to show off his lady to his REAL home tribe. Even Harry Mattison decided it was time to see what this whole “November Project” thing was all about…
The morning is is one of my favorites. It’s great. It typically comes in the late winter/early spring, and the energy is electric. It’s like a comeback tour of your favorite band, except without the drug rehab. Everyone’s a little slower and not able to perform as well, but the smiles are real, and you can feel the excitement in the air. We played some of the greatest hits: Stupid bounce. Full hills. Stair spice. I don’t know about you, but I had a blast.
Capoze here – sorry to interrupt this flow.  This is a straight up blog hijack, a love note for our boy C. Payne.  He doesn’t know I’m taking over (we’re nailing those this week), so lets show him a little bit of love.  It may have only been 2 Payne-less workouts but it didn’t feel like that.  I missed you my dude, we ALL missed you.  Similar to all the people mentioned in this blog, it felt right to have you back with us this morning. Your humor, your energy, your fucking toothless-mug is infectious and this tribe is better with you here.  So lets not ever leave Boston again? Cool? Good. 
This Monday we’re somewhere in the Greater Boston area, you guys should come! Maybe we’ll see even more old faces that we know and love?! Only time will tell… Have a great weekend y’all!
Much Love,
     – C. Payne
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