The Week of Insanity (BOS & NOLA!!!)

The week leading into the Boston Marathon is our favorite part of the spring. The electricity in the air from anxious runners tapering for Patriots’ Day is undeniable. These runners have been training all winter long and the vibes bouncing off every surface of the entire City of Boston this week are the kind that words can’t explain. Millions of spectators are looking forward to the long weekend and the activities that come along with it (Let’s face it – No one will be working on Monday – Except those who are reading this who actually have to work.. and for those of you out there… we’re sorry). Above all, the the biggest reason we get excited this time of year is because we get to see our friends form around the world who travel to Boston to enjoy the magic that surrounds the oldest marathon in the world. For those of you who are on your way here, travel safe, and hurry the heck up – We can’t wait to see you.

Today’s Workout Featured:
#RobotMan3 (three times over the half-tour of Harvard’s stadium, with scaling options of two or one half-tour), DJ Phoenix, leader of NP_IND, an extra enthusiastic Harvard Football team, snow that turned to rain (that turned to ice, 20 mph winds – gusting at 35mph – and into warm sun), NP tagged hospital gowns, and everyone’s favorite Positivity Award. One thing that we missed due to freezing conditions was our signature giant BOOM to all of our birthday boys and girls. We’re sorry, you know that we love you, and we hope that next year will be a little warmer.

Today’s #PositivityAward went to Ryan, who provided very stylish hospital gowns, I mean “Disposable Warmups” for each NP Member who’s running the race on Monday. This year, the racers will not have the luxury of bringing backpacks or checked bags of any kind to the starting line. To keep our members warm before the race, Ryan supplied NP tagged hospital gowns for each member. Very thoughtful gesture by an amazing dude! #PositivityAward well deserved!


If everything above wasn’t enough to get you excited about life, we’re proud to announce the latest addition to our NP family. Over a month ago we closed off new pledges until we are sure that all our T’s are crossed, and all our I’s are dotted. Before we made that decision, there were few pledging tribes that were already in pledging process so we let them do their thing. Today one of them is becoming an official November Project tribe. Ladies and Gentleman, we’re proud to present November Project New Orleans!




So… We are the new kids on the block and couldn’t be more excited about kicking off our first OFFICIAL #NP_NO workout this morning! Don’t believe everything you see on Swamp People, Duck Dynasty, or Girls Gone Wild (well maybe you can believe GGW) but New Orleanians actually do like to get up, get out, and move. Our first workout as a full fledged tribe was also our biggest group to date and its only going to grow from here. Much like #SEC football, we plan to dominate. JP was our workout maestro today leading us through the gamut of suicide sprints up the stairs and across Champions Square Plaza with a few rounds of pushups, dips, and squat jumps to boot. Cameron, Preston, Kate, and Will are looking forward to leading this mish-mash second line to a healthy and happier NOLA. Come and join us… you might even get a few beads out of it! We meet every Wednesday at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in Champions Square at 6am. We will be there waiting for you. Oh and feel free to follow us so we can all share the love 🙂


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