The We Almost Missed You Post (NPSF)

After publicly announcing yesterday that we were definitely handing out the famed Positivity Award, the Tribe leaders were a little worried when the last worthy recipient, Perry Wang of #affogato and meme fame, was nowhere to be seen when the Tribe toed the line for #PRWednesday. 6:55AM rolls along and Laura and Paddy are a little worried. Stephen Litsas is onto his last lap. Shit, the workout will be over soon. Where on earth is Perry?? Perry wouldn’t just miss a workout. Would he? He text verballed last night when asked to make sure to bring the Positivity Award along. I hope he’s alright? Wait, what if he slept in? Is he pulling a Stanley? Waittttttt, this could be the greatest “We Missed You” post of all time. We Missed You, Perry (and the Positivity Award)! I love me a little blog fodder….

…. but lo and behold (and fortunately), Perry shows up with the PA in backpack. Unfortunately, Perry forgot to start his Garmin, as by the looks of the sweat dousing off him, he may well have broke the CR of the Scott St climb from the Marina. Perhaps you PR’ed (or CR’ed) after all.



Thankfully, we got to present the Positivity Award today to one of our most deserving members. Adrienne Zack has been a corest of our core members for the past 2 years. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. Adrienne is there in the middle of that bounce with us. Leading renegade #NobRussianTenderinaHillRunGangs to workouts all over the city. Offering rides to the Tribe to the far flung destinations of our Friday Hills. Giving RAD shit for missing workouts. November Project DC, consider yourselves lucky. We’re sending you one of our best. As we know, you’ll welcome Adrienne with open arms. As will she. And she verbaled for her last 5 workouts #JustSaying. Don’t give us blog fodder, Adrienne.

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Great job to everyone who PR’ed today. Bring yourselves over to the NP Tracker. Throw in your time. Give yourself a target for next #PRWednesday. Friday Hills will be at Pacific and Octavia. This is a steep one with epic views from Lafayette Park over the Bay. Don’t Miss it. 5:30 and 6:22AM.


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