The Way of the NP Ninja


They say running water never grows stale. This morning, the NP river was raging! A band of ninjas, adorned in black cloth, took to the sleepy residential street they call Baxter, on a silent mission to claim back the hills that rightfully belonged to their ancestors.


Like whispers in the night, the ninjas scaled the almighty hills with feet light as feathers, and movement fluid as water. The famous “Bitch” of the Hollywood Bowl could never have prepared them for the monster of a hill that lay before them, but they adapted, they grit their teeth, and like true ninjas, persevered and overcame. #NP_LAX, the Hill of Baxter is now yours. You’ve earned your rightful ownership. Your ancestors would be proud! So my ninjas, go forth, constantly adapt and overcome. Conquer the hills that lay before you, no matter their length, no matter their grade. In the infamous words of Bruce Lee, “Be water.”



#InapropriatelyFast #NP_HOMEWORK due at the end of January. Get your #grassrootsgear and get on it!

#BiggerthantheBowl is going strong! Keep logging those Charity Miles. If you haven’t yet, it’s not to late. Do good for yourself and improve the lives of those around you!

Take on the weekend with honor, respect, positivity, and unrelenting determination. The true way of the NP Ninja. Onward!!

-Sensai Angelo

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