The United States of November Project (DEN)

As we celebrated Canada Day by pledging our allegiance to the United States (Canada… Sorry, eh)… or Christine, I think it was about 50/50, definitely in the most non-cultish way possible (Newbies… Sorry, eh), I thought about that other flag we pledge our allegiance to. The United States of November Project. Sure, our nation is actually 29 (and growing) cities spread over 3 continents. And sure, our laws may be written on the back of a napkin with a beer ring stain on it. And sure, other countries may not recognize the military arms potential of wrapping your arms around someone to hug them. And sure, maybe our leading exports are sweat and good vibes. But we’re a united nation nonetheless!

The next few weeks are all about showing that unity, and national pride! Of course we love our own little state of NP5280, but it’s cool to think about how many people are doing this all over the world. How many people YOU have something in common with just be cause you show up on Wednesday and Friday mornings for a social club that works out together. How often do you take the time to connect with those NPites outside of our tribe? There is so much that is the same from tribe to tribe, but oh so much that is different and unique to each city. There’s a whole lot of people for us to connect to and learn from. That’s what the next few weeks are about.

Yearbook Photo Day is our day to show the entire NP Nation just how awesome we are. To make them have FOMO about OUR tribe and workouts. This is our chance to make someone in Kansas City, or Winnipeg say, “Holy crap! Denver looks awesome! I need to go workout with them soon!” Sidebar: please recruit like crazy so we can hit 300… Woody and I really want new tattoos, and I don’t want to just pick some random tribal unicorn from the booklet again…

Summit is our state of the union festival combined with olympic ceremony! You get to see all of the unique peoples and how they live! Learn about what they eat, how they dress, their mating rituals… You may even learn to speak Canadian! (Canada… Sorry, eh) Then in the spirit of friendly competition, you get to kick the shit out of teams from all across the globe in a marathon relay, then enjoy beer brewed from the tears of the other teams as you sit on a thrown hoisted high above the losers’ heads… But like, in a friendly way.

The rest of the year is your time to go visit those new friends in their home tribe, and make new friends to bring back here. When you traverbal, and make bonds with other tribes, you make the entire NP Nation stronger. So go… it’s your civic duty!

Leave everyone better than you found them,

WED: YEARBOOK PHOTO DAY – Capitol Building Steps – Theme: Jump! – Wear grassroots gear, and bring a fun jumpable prop

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