The Tribe Got It In This Morning (PHL)

Huge thank you to Adam, Richie, Jen and Anush who pitched in and put together a SOLID Friday workout for the crew.  Today’s blog is brought to you by the amazing Jen Mercuri:

Those hot, humid August days. August summer days in Philadelphia are historically soupy. Scorching heat and humidity so thick you can barely breathe. This morning was not the case. Alarm went off…67 degrees, sunny, and what felt like zero humidity. Crews rolled up to Lemon Hill with smiles a little bigger, ready to thank Mother Nature for such a sweet gift.

Bike gangs wheeled in, small running groups strolled up, some drove, heck I even saw someone riding on the back of a turtle to get there this morning (he must of left really early). All ready to rise and grind and welcome in the weekend.

Today’s workout was tough. We split into pairs, high fived, and took off running in opposite hill directions. Whomever was first to come back planked or v-sit (or is it v-sat) until their partner returned. When the pair was reunited they shared the pain of 10 burpees, 10 jumping lunges, and 10 partner push ups, and then sprinted off once again.

Christine Keller took home the Positivity Award. She shows up, pushes hard each week, and sets a great example for others to do the same. She killed the 10k at Mayors Cup. (Christine, sorry, we short changed you and said 5k in our speech. You are even more impressive than we thought).

This morning was beautiful. We woke up, sipped in the perfect weather, sweat positivity, and earned our weekend. Rise and grind, November Project. Ain’t no other way.

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