The Tribe Goes To Work (SF)

Today was Bring Your Friend to Work(out) Day. And the tribe delivered. We hit up one of our favorite spots in the city, Corona Heights, and threw down. Hella newbies got a great taste of what NPSF does best: murder hills, scream weird things, and dress up. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve listened to that Rihanna song like 10 times already today. Pretty fire music video too. Just sayin.

And today? Today was fire too! People bringing new friends. Great fucking energy. I am a bit worried that some people will stink up their offices this morning though…


Fastest man in khakis I’ve ever seen ^^

Lab coat, safety goggles and all!

Roger legitimately wore suspenders and a bowtie. Pretty sure he apologized for not wearing his pocket protector too.

Let’s remember to keep inviting new people. It’s easy to get comfortable with NP as your thing but it’s so much more fun when we can get new people involved. Shoutout to newbie Hayley for following p her #earlygang PR with an appearance today. And special shoutout to all the newbies who made their NP debut this morning!

Off to work. Work work. Work work work work work. Have a great weekend!


Next week on Wednesday is NP Show and Tell at 7pm at The North Face store. A number of Tribe members are going to present on all kinds of cool things. If you want to come, sign up on Eventbrite. There’s a cap at 100 and about 40ish tickets left last time I checked!

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