The Tribe Conquers The Racing World (SF)

If you missed Paddy’s 18 minute long announcement train at the end of the workout, it went something like this:

The tribe is racing every fucking race in northern California this weekend. From 1 mile to 26.2, your fellow tribesmen will be sucking down water, gatorade and beers (true statement) while attempting to finish their respective foot race without throwing up all over their fellow competitors.

If you would like to see Paddy projectile vomit all over Treasure Island, there is a beer mile on Saturday you may want to go cheer for. Apparently the fastest beer milers in the nation are coming out for it, so it should get messy.

If you would like to see Dana and Sasha -along with about 20 other NP’ers- chase down a BQ in Santa Rosa while trying to keep their GU’s down around mile 25, then Sunday morning you want to be up north assembling with the cheer gang.

If you want to stay local and watch Rebecca Daniels barf…actually, who are we kidding? RAD is a lady. No vomit there. But there are a few Giant’s races going down in SF.

We will be tagging shirts AT the beer mile and AT the cheer station in Santa Rosa Sunday. If you are racing and need it done before, talk to Laura, Clayton or Paddy and we will try and figure something out for you guys.

Friday: Glen Canyon. One of the last fridays for TRAILS! Come check out a new part of the city. DSC_1055

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