The Tiger Goes Roar, the Monkey Goes Oo Oo, the Giraffe goes…? (LAX)

The zookeepers were gone from the Old LA Zoo today where we held our workout this morning. Most of us didn’t care to read the signs that scattered the park stating “Do not feed the animals!” We found out what happens when you do.

Have you seen the movie Gremlins? If your answer is no go immediately to your local Blockbuster and rent that shit because you won’t truly understand what happened this morning.

It started with a quick feed of high fives and hugs, immediately the cackle of animals started to enjoy the madness. The thing is we couldn’t find one breed of animal. It started with the crabs where they let their legs burn waddling around with pinchers making crab noises. What ever that sounds like. Like real life animorphs they started to pair up and gang up eating all the zoo keepers that were present. That’s when the real madness started.  Those groups then decided it was time to section off and see who was the real best of the Animal Kingdom. Panthers vs. Gorillas vs. Alligators vs. Giraffes vs. Sharks vs. Zebras. Each show cased their true skill in their respected zone.  With dizzy burpees, rolling down a hill and then dropping into five burpees to back to back wall sits while they sang “Old Mcdonald”, the tribe got a little wild and let their inner beast unleash.

Not to mention the weatherproof of the tribe today. While Canada, please, deals with snow and sub temperatures we had to deal with…Sprinklers. Don’t worry you”l all be getting a badge for your sprinkler weatherproofness.

Note:  I’m sure I read that that water was all reclaimed from the gold course bathrooms. So if you get pink eye know it was not your girlfriend who farted on your pillow.

LA! You’ve done good kid! You’ve earned your weekend! No get wild and spread the good vibes!



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