The Three P’s (NPSF)

Today’s workout was about the three P’s: PRs, PBRs and Perry Wang.

#1 – PRs: The last Wednesday of every month rolls along, as do the tumbleweeds throughout Alta Plaza Square. Although many of our crew decided to pull those blankets up over our head, press that snooze button and forgo this morning’s workout (last weekend’s racers and next weekend’s taperers, we’ll let you guys away with it), the Tribe got after it this morning taking on their PRs. From the double-triple workout #earlygang #tweenerers… to the weary legged Santa Rosa marathoners…. to those young bucks pushing for the sub-18 times… to all of our new visitors who finished the PR course for the first time today. You guys set the bar, and can’t wait to see you take on that PR next month. Make sure to submit and track your PR times here.


#2 – PBRs: Gil Levy showed up this week. He took on his PR. He took a case of PBRs to the workout. He crushed both. Now that’s how to kick hump day in the balls, give hump day a sweaty hug to apologise, and start your day right! But where on earth was the other half of the #PBRWednesday renegade group? #wheredidJorgesleep

gil paddy laura

#3 – Perry: Today, Perry Wang received the Positivity Award, something this kid deserved to get since he first joined our tribe back in the winter. Perry is overflowing with the attributes that make a great Tribe member, a great community member and a great friend. He has the enthusiasm and name-remembering abilities of Sam Livermore. He pushes the attendance record of Mark Noviski and Jason Levy. He has the pacing ability of the best of the SF Marathon official pacers (he paced Noodle to a 5 minute PR in Sunday’s Santa Cruz half marathon and Musso to her first half marathon). He has the event-planning capacity of the NPSF co-leaders (O’McClayton and Perry Wang are probably about evens on the amount of successful NPSF events organised in 2015. Though I want to see that stats on how many Friday morning missed verbals have been caused due to Perry’s NPSF happy hours). His meme game is on point. And finally, he is the king of the Google Doc. If you haven’t checked out the #NPSummit Google Doc, you’re missing out. And if you haven’t signed up for the Summit in Utah, get your act together and get on it. Going to be a ridiculous weekend with tribe members from across the nation!

Congrats Perry! We’re so glad you found your way to our Tribe from the East!


Friday Hills. We’re taking to the Mission for hills. Exact pin to be dropped on Thursday! Fuck yeah!

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