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LXXXI. Ochtó a haon. Einundachzig. It’s a natural number. Just comes after 80, and guess what just before 82. It’s the square of 9 (#maths). It’s the atomic number of thallium. It’s the international dialing code for Japan. ’81 was year that the Kerry Gaelic Football team achieved a record equalling “Four In A Row” of All-Ireland titles with a victory over Offaly in the final. And it’s the title for this glorious song I just found on the Youtube “Do the ’81“. But today, this number holds particular significance here in NPSF.

81 is the number of consecutive workouts that Mark Noviski and Jason Levy have attended… in a row… as in consecutive… like without missing one… not one… not sleeping in… not even once. Just to put that in perspective, here are a few facts (and random bullshit ramblings) that have happened since these two last missed a workout, all the way back on that faithful day of Monday, December 29th 2014.

  • Half of the year has passed. 6 months.
  • As per Noviski’s Theory of the Burpee, there has been 64800 burpees burped at Alta Plaza since that faithful day in December
    (average number of burpess/person/workout * number of Wednesday workouts * average attendance on a Wednesday)
    30 * 27 * 80 = 64800 burpees
  • Krsityn Kadala has competed in 42 races
  • The men’s Alta Plaza PR course record has been held by 3 different fellas (now stands at 18:07)
  • NPSF was quelled 5 attempted revolutions by those renegade Tweeners (we’re still waiting for the Bucks and the Tweeners to join forces. Nervous times in the NPSF coleadership)
  • Andrew Hutchinson is still holding his position as “Dreamiest man in NP”
  • Jason Levy has set the NPSF planking record twice (now stands at 15:06)
  • It has rained 4 times here at a NPSF workout 🙁
  • We have taken over 11 races with our typical obnoxious and fun-loving racers (Pacifica trail race, Kaiser half, Golden Gate trail race, Rock n Roll half, Oakland Marathon, Presidio 10, Boston Marathon, Avenue of the Giants, B2B, That’s Fine Beer Mile Relay, Double Dipsea)
  • Sunish O or Katy Kunkle have not wrote guest blogs for us. Mitch Westwood, you’re due one too
  • We have held a groomless wedding in Alta Plaza, with Gil and Wong walking Kunkle down the aisle. And one 3 year old’s birthday in Corona Heights
  • NPSF have won not one, but TWO #Sunrise6Ks
  • Jorge Moreno has bailed on the #earlygang workout 6 times after previously verbaling by video post, 4 of which are due to cookie overconsumption the previous night (NOTE: This data has not been peer-reviewed, and could be completely inaccurate)


The bar has been set, people. 81 workouts. The lads are going to keep raising that bar. Who’s going to challenge them? If you are, you better #JustShowUp

Friday Hills. Buena Vista Park. 6:22AM (Google pin to be dropped on Thursday)

Early gang:


Late crew:


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