The Start Line (YEG)

We train 3 times a week, every week, no matter what. Along the way, you might dabble in race or two. Whether it’s your first ever 5k, or your 50th marathon, you don’t get to the start line without sweat and hard work. For those running at the Edmonton Marathon, your journey began months ago. You have been training day in and day out to get ready for this. Along the way, you have probably wanted to quit. You’ve definitely questioned why you have even registered in the first place. You’ve probably re-adjusted your goal so many times that you’re at the point that you just want the whole thing to be over. Well, the truth is that the hardest part is already in the rearview mirror. That hard work is what got you to the start line.

I admire marathoners. Being able to run 42.2km is impressive, but that’s not why I admire marathoners. To run a marathon, you have to sacrifice your regular routine for months. You have to keep telling that voice in your head that you are not going to give up and that you can go one step further. You have to be so stubborn that you stick to your training plan, no matter what.

Before you walk up to that start line, make sure you take a moment to reflect on everything that you have done to get you there. Whether it was the moment you bought your first pair of running shoes, or the first person you hugged at November Project, or the time you tried that gross gel during your long run, think back to that very moment and recognize that it was all of these moments that gave you the strength to get to that start line. Good luck!


Upcoming Dates

Aug 24 – Field
Aug 31 – NP Talent Show
Sept 2 – Ol’ 96er
Sept 4 – Race the Maze
Sept ? – Yearbook Photos
Sept 24-27 – NP Summit (Park City, Utah)


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