The Star Wars (BAL)

You Burningman Bookworms and Russians, rutabagas (or is there an ‘h’?) and tiddlywinks, bazingas and battleships: pat yourselves on the back as you reigned over all and completed the workout known as “Star Wars.” We apologize there weren’t any light sabers or intergalactic travel amazingness, but we replaced them with burpees – you’re welcome.

And if you skipped out because you thought today was PR day, well… now you should have major FOMO….because Baltimore likes to take over the city with port-a-potties for every festival known to man, so PR week is postponed to next week, so let’s try again.

This morning, teams raced like fighter pods through a circuit of FIVE workouts (five points on a star….get it? Ha): stairs, box jumps, burpee pyramids, destination runs, and light pole suicides, smiling and cheering the entire way. Winning teams, based upon # of circuits completed, got to select what the group photo looks like for the day – please see below 5:30 crew and main image:


And I mean, WTF – we have some good looking tribesmembers here in the Bmore!!

SUCH a long overdue positivity award to our dear Julie. She kills it each week and has been #NP_BAL’s biggest supporter from the beginning.


Muy importante:
– if you haven’t already signed up for the epic NP Bmore water station for the Baltimore Running Festival on October 18, please do so HERE! Come join the crazy.

If you’ve made it down this far,  post “may the force be with you” on the photo album.

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