The Short Hill (YEG)

All my life, I’ve been told I’m too short to do things. When I was younger, I would hear things like this. You’re too short to play with kids in your own grade.  I’m too short to jump over that fence. You’re too short to dunk. Now that I’m older, I still hear it. You’re too short to drive a car. You’re too short to sit at the adult table. You’re too short to wear adult-sized clothes. Life is tough when you’re short.

This morning, we had to shorten our hill because this thing called ICE (ever heard of it?) wanted to make things tough on us.  Not only did we have some bend-at-the-joint movements for you, but we also made many people dodge cars and snow ploughs while doing it. I’m proud to say that there have been no injuries reported as of 12pm today.

We are having a Christmas gathering tomorrow.

One year ago, this happened.

Monday, there’s a WILD rumour that the lights at the Legislature will go on early if enough people bounce at the same time. See you there at 6am.

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