The Search for Inspiration (NPSF)

There’s a fine stretch in the morning as we coast into these summer months (Pffff what even is a season in San Francisco?). With these longer mornings, NPSF are going to use our Friday Hill workouts to explore the hidden gems that can be found around our city. Today, we went into the depths of the Presidio looking for some inspiration. We all expected a beautiful view from Inspiration Point, with a crystal clear view of the Bay, the Palace of Fine Arts and Alcatraz. Instead… we were shrouded by our boy, Karl the Fog. Hey, it’s the middle of April. Summer’s on the way. Karl was definitely due a visit. And I bet we’re going to be seeing a lot of him these summer months.


We may not have got our breathtaking views but we did have some inspirational moments throughout our morning:

  • We started with a breathtaking performance of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. What started with Paddy leading the Tribe through the first tree lines (then he clearly forgot the words… classic Paddy!) led to a standout performance by Sasha Kluger and Matt Scharr. Voices of Angels I tell you!
  • We saw what the Presidio has to offer for our mountain goats. Fire roads, single tracks, steps, meadows, tall trees, coyotes (someone supposedly saw a wolf on their way to the workout). Do yourself a favour and head there for more runs. A beautiful spot.
  • Lauren Rose baked cookies for the group. Note to self: DEMAND MORE BAKED GOODS FROM THE TRIBE.
  • Lauren Breunig sorted the crew out with a supposedly delightful breakfast club at her place on the NutSac intersection. Yep, she lives at NutSac. Her words exactly.


On a different note, good luck to all of our runners in Boston this Monday. Jorge, Bill, Amy, Kristyn, Hilary, Sheila. And all of the tribe members from across the #‎NewsCh19 who are racing and cheerganging this weekend!! You lads are going to boss it!! We’ll be stalking you…. sorry, following you on the tracker.

On a different different note, here’s a personalised video of our coleader, Lauren McCloskey, from our friends at GameOn. Have a look at the documentary and give it a share on Facebook. Thanks GameOn.


See you at Fort Mason for Marathon Monday. Wear Blue and Yellow to support the marathon runners.


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