The Return of Mean Jen

Nadim was away this Friday building orphanages for kids in Central America in the mornings and digging wells, by hand, for clean water in the evenings.  He hates missing NP but thought this was also important work.  I was saving dolphins tangled in fishing nets and helping to establish a safe migration corridor for Blue Anex Butterflies and also had to miss this mornings workout.  We always have FOMO and don’t want to miss something that spontaneously happens to make a morning extra special. Nadim and I never plan special mornings when Jen is away, we actually save our really boring workouts and locations for those days so that Jen doesn’t feel sad.  It hurts when we receive notes like this from Jen…




We are both sad but we know that Tanis definitely saved two cinnamon buns for us….. Right?….Tanis?

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