The Power of a Challenge (BAL)

Being comfortable is easy. Being comfortable is nice. Being comfortable allows you to skate by as you were. Being comfortable is just that: in. your. comfort. zone.

This morning, at the beginning, there were moans and groans. “Change up our routine? Box jump UP the BLEACHERS? Hoisties the whole time? Even a SEBASTIAN?! Who are you people?!” But that was it. That was the end. Why? Here’s why:


Because you picked yourselves up by your bootstraps and took on the challenge at hand. You brought your partner up and continued to pick up the pace. There was a challenge that pushed out of being in that comfortable state. And yet, while it wasn’t comfortable…you fucking did it, you rockstar you.

You proved it to not just everyone else, but to yourself: 7 minutes of burpees is ridiculous to the world, but you did it. A workout of straight box jumps is crazy to some, but you accomplished it. Showing up at 5:30AM is lunacy to many, but you still showed up. Hugging strangers is invading to this nation, but there you were…hugging away. You continue to push the envelope in this city, not just at workout but in your workplaces, in your relationships, in your day-to-day interactions. You smile for heaven’s sake.


Continue to feel discomfort – being out of our comfort zones is where we learn, thrive, and grow. Continue to break with routine. Continue to take risks and embrace challenges. I cannot promise you that it will be easy. Actually, I can promise you that it will NOT be easy. And I can promise you that you will not be in it alone. Because 7 minutes of burpees is better together > alone. Because this is your tribe and we’re here to stay.

Sebastian record:
– 5:30AM : Peter @ 105
– 6:30AM : Lilly @ 110


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