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It is difficult to summarize a whirlwind of a weekend that was Summit6.0. It’s an experience that is difficult to explain or for people to understand. When discussing it this morning at coffee, words came sputtering out in excitement and I heard others who were present also sharing their stories and favourite memories. November Project Milwaukee, thank you. For 6:26am Friday morning workout, coffee and breakfast out with great chats, Sandcastle building competition on the beach. NorthFace Endurance Challenge, thank you. For an awesome day of racing, nature, trails, pushing limits, pushing PRs, running firsts, crushing ultras. Thank you November Project World: for the people, the community, for an excuse to gather and meet friends from across the globe. 

I can reflect on feelings of some sadness that it was over on Monday morning and returning to “real life” where most people don’t really understand this thing we are a part of. This is a big change when you came from a bounce, workout and race with 800+ people where you feel like everyone understands the wonderfulness that is this worldwide free fitness movement. But it is also feelings of gratitude that we had the opportunity in the first place to be part of the weekend, that there were many moments that wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t jump in a car, drive 15 hours one way and make the most of 48 hours in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Most importantly, I felt gratitude that we get to surround ourselves with wonderful humans right in our city, every single week on Wednesday mornings. This morning was a reminder of that.

What I felt leaving this Wednesday morning was gratitude, with community in our city that we can come back to and feel once again, surrounded by positive, uplifting people, the kind you want to start your day with. The kind of people who are okay when you yell things during the bounce and people just go along with it, and laugh a bit. The kind of people who will expect one thing in the morning (stairs) and show up anyway to a workout they weren’t expecting, and challenge themselves in a different way anyway. The kind of people who step out of their comfort zones to show up a little earlier than they’d like, talk, hug and high five some new people. And the kind of people who bring others in, and invite their friends and co-workers to NP. There were so many new people this morning who came because a friend brought them! Thanks for leading by example to bring more good to NP.   Each person who shows up matters and you never know what kind of positive change could come from exposing someone to a new challenge or to new association. When in doubt, talk about the coffee get together post-workout. This is good bonding time, and a lot of people really love their coffee in the morning. 

I suggest reading blogs from other cities, learn about the things they have going on, the #guestblog have some pretty amazing stories and journeys, where NP played a small part. 

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us. We’re glad you’re here. 

Here’s to bringing “Soles” together 

Liz and Lauren 


  1. Next week: TD Place, bring a friend  
  2. Motion Ball October 27
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