The Overachiever (IND)

The Overachiever is the name of an omelet at a local #Indy restaurant. Mmmm, omelet. We love omelets. Eggs. We love eggs. We love the Tribe more than tasty egg creations called omelets. Hold up—does “omelet” look misspelled? Spell check, where you at? I digress.

Today Indy had a number of Overachievers. No we didn’t eat said omelet and then run stairs. Hurl. Sadly we did not throw eggs at one another, although The Reckless One likes this idea. Y’all just wanted to run more stairs, touch more gold doors and run the variations longer that make them harder. We gotcha. You’re a badass. And we applaud your badassery. Apologies if instructions were not clear from the leadership. This s*** makes sense in the noggin when it’s dreamt up.

This girl won the #PostivityAward today. Go on with your badassery, Jenna.



MOST EPIC #NP_IND SHINDIG IS COMING: #BetterThanBedtime is this Sunday August 17th. #JustShowUp at the Indiana War Memorial (north stairs) 5:00PM EST sharp! Dress to sweat. Bring your ID and money. This is an epic and massive Run-to-Social event taking place in all #NP_17 cities at the same time, spanning four time zones. That’s right: Boston, Madison, San Francisco, Washington DC, San Diego, Denver, Edmonton (Canada, eh!), Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York City, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Chicago and INDY! Costumes welcome: the theme is “Noah’s Ark, They Came In Twos”. Think pairs of animals. Cap off your Sunday Funday with #BetterThanBedtime.

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