The Old Man Who Sleeps Under His Desk (SF)

There once was a finance man who was funny

Who had trouble with addition, but made lots of money

His limbs were long, limber, and lean

We never call him skinny, because that would be mean

His blog posts are clever, though the big words make me weary

But they do make me chuckle, especially when mocking Paddy O’Leary

Upon moving to SF, he scored a hot little dame

But I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t know Amber’s last name…(is it Rose?)

His workouts are complicated, detailed and lengthy

And he laughs with pleasure watching the tribe get all sweaty

Who is this man, full of sarcasm and wit?

A man who skipped today’s workout, not wishing to get fit

He missed your morning hug, chose work before sun

His name is Daniel by birth, but we call him Old Man Clayton.


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