The ‘O Face’ Hill Workout (YEG)

The little theme for the bounce this morning was the Olympic ‘O’. Everyone made the little ‘O’ with their hands and we came up with some Canadian Olympic words/phrases that contain that beautiful little infinite letter…..

 …of course, when you ask for a suggestion of a word or a phrase, the creative minds of the tribe burst into fun mode and they start rushing out like Seamus down the hills…before you know it, suggestive words/phrases are being thrown out there and we all have a great chuckle….but we reign it in enough to celebrate by saying things like “OOOOOO Canada”, On your mark, get set, GOOOOOO!!!”, What colour did we Canada in swimming last night? “GOOOOOOLD”, “OOOOOOOOOh crap! We just placed fourth!” You get the idea….I could write down a couple more, but let’s keep this family friendly 😉 and a ‘you had to be there to hear it’ sorta blog….nonethless, the ‘O Faces’ were on point during the bounce…

….I got to say “Good Morning!” and “Y’all Good?!” to everyone once again (3x’s each!) and it was a thrill…it’s somewhat addictive! Then we started with 7 burpees for each of our medals that Canada has won so far at the Olympics (um, the Americans have 38…as much as I love the USA, I think everyone would’ve destroyed me if Canada had that many!) and then we ran and ran our favourite hill….

…no one took it easy this morning and to see it from the other side of the group is inspiring to say the least…I enjoyed giving high fives at the top, seeing your smiles and getting hugs from everyone of you! Thanks for the beautiful morning NPCanada!!!

Good luck to all our NP Canada SeaWheeze racers this weekend in Vancouver! Race Happy!

Thank you everybody from letting me be your sub-leader today…I’m super grateful! You’ve earned your weekend! I’ll quote a little bit of Nadim in his sign-offs….he usually says “Find the good”, but to you, I’ll say “You found awesome!” 

See you Monday!! #verbal #justshowup

– Jerrold 

Monday Location is at Walterdale Park at 6:00am
Wednesday: Commonwealth Stairs – Gate 2, East Side, 6:00am!
Friday: Walterdale Hill – 6:00am
Also, don’t forget about:
Sunday, August 21 6:45AM–10:30AM

We have an official cheer station for the Edmonton Marathon. It will be at Stutchburry Park. We’ll make a ton of signs and give those runners a ton of energy and positive vibes that morning!

PS: Wednesday, August 24 – A chance to go for the Old96er!

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